Hayal Tadında | Rooms & Rates

Shepherds Hut

Romantic shepherds huts in the heart of Birgi offering the ultimate glamping experience and a true opportunity to experience nature in luxury. Every Hut has its own garden and special pergola furnished with special furnitures.
Hayal Tadında Shepherds Hut Retreat is situated on the borders of Bozdağ, and Birgi. The Shepherds Huts are great base to explore all the Birgi where is an hour drive from Izmir.

Stone House

Hayal Tadında... is a wonderful olive farm in Birgi through which the green empowers the whole area. In fact, it is located on top of the hill, which have a gorgeous city and mountain landscape in different angles. Our place is totally 14.000 m2, separated with the security cage and constructed with all necessities of the mountain house experience like, BBQ, brick oven, fireplace and plenty of wood to be fired and amazing stone house with wonderful landscape.

Camp Site

This is the spectacular camp area suitable for the special events, spritual trainings, yoga sessions&trainings and celebrations. All the necessary setup can be found in the place.

Bubble Event House

It is a place specially designed for your very important days such as marriage proposal, birthday, anniversary, bride party, special meals, New Year's celebrations, all with 360-degree nature view, offering the opportunity to watch the stars and the full moon in a warm environment. You will feel special. ...

Dome House

We have just dreamed... We went through every detail for days and nights... We did not hesitate to change any details that did not perish us over and over. Our Hayal and Aşk House, which will offer you a different and luxurious retreat in nature, with the difference of Hayal Tadında. With its 20 m2 living space, its own magnificent Küçük Menderes plain view, 15 m2 veranda and an infinity hammock bed in front of the veranda, it will provide an incredible glamping experience.

Boz Uy

Boz Üy, selected as a historical cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2014, is a building of historical importance in ancient Turks after the Manas Epic. In these houses, which date back to 3000 years ago, the Old Turkish people had weddings, gave birth to their children, mourned, in short, lived all their bittersweet moments. Gray members and the parts that make up the gray member have been the reflection of folk thoughts and traditions. This is why the ancient Turks gave each piece a unique meaning and a name. You will see them much better when you are inside. Now, preserving all of its original structure and with its fine touches of Hayal Tadında, it is waiting for its guests in our farm.