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We; Seda, Umut and Hayal; are classically not only bored with the turmoil, pomp, stress and endless traffic of Istanbul, but also squeezing human life between walls, making social relations unnatural and insincere, explaining the definition of success with what people have and raising children became the project of people... We are trying to return to the distanced nature of human beings.

For this purpose, we decided to establish a love farm in the Birgi village of Ödemiş district of İzmir, where naturalness, sincerity, productivity and love will be abundant, and we named it in Hayal Tadında, inspired by the name of our one and only beautiful daughter.

After living in such an environment for a while, we set out to create an inspiring, luxurious accommodation where you can see great places, taste natural products, find great things and relax.


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